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Comprehensive and cross automation softwares offering the highest level of productivity and reliability.

Digitech has been a leading provider of paperless solutions for more than 25 years
Created in 1992, Digitech is editor and integrator of software solutions for electronic documentation.
Thanks to its unique know-how "business" and his technical mastery of the entire information chain, Digitech is market leader and its solutions help to manage hundreds of thousands of documents each year in governments, local and regional authorities, public institutions, banks, insurance companies and large private accounts.
Traded on the Euronext market place, it has a national and international scope with a presence in France, Switzerland, Romania and Africa.
Digitech offers a scalable and integrated software offering: capture, processing and management of electronic information around two main product lines, coupled with various cross-flow modules:
  • A.I.R.S. Suite with its "business" / E applications CRM (letters, e-mails, faxes, phone calls), management of governmental and local authorities decisions, dossiers (HR, customers, invoices ...) capture (Scan, ADP, ADR) and mobile applications
  • Population (management of civil status acts and cemetery, funeral terminals)
  • Transverse modules: electronic signature book and signing, electronic safe, Business Intelligence
Digitech has expertise in organization, regulation, project management and invests 20% of its turnover in R & D.
Its mission is to support you successfully in the implementation of your project:
  • Guidance in defining and structuring your project
  • Help in the management of change,
  • Proposal for interoperable, adaptable and secure solutions.
Its ambition is to help you achieving your goals:
  • Optimizing your internal processes,
  • Reducing costs and processing times of your documents,
  • Improving reliability of the documents produced.
  • Streamlining of your organizational constraints