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A.I.R.S. Courrier: a unique and comprehensive tool to easily manage all your mail (paper, e-mail, fax ...).

A.I.R.S. Courrier solution enables to optimize the processing of incoming and outcoming "multi-channel" mails (letters, e-mails, fax ...) and to improve the performance of your organization.
Key Features
  • Recording and indexing mail (occasionally scanned or from a mass digitization and OCR)
  • Circuits definition and processing (workflow)
  • Automatic distribution of internal mail
  • Receipts of acknowledgment
  • Production of automatically formatted responses based on customized templates (merge and mailing) 
  • Monitoring (time management and alerts, traceability with complete history of correspondence)
  • Archiving (EDM database)
  • Full text and multicriterion searches
  • Management charts (balanbced scoredcard, time processing...) - Statistics (qualitative data, consolidated statements ...)
  • Simplified registration form, qualification of customized templates (adding fields, contextual fields ...), batch processing for an ergonomic and easy to use solution
  • Compliance with internal validation process, visas, signatures
  • Interoperability with other business applications (Financial Management, HR, ...) and any kind of technical environment such as Typo3, Sharepoint, Drupal ...)
  • Accessibility from the organization intranet (aid to production replying, monitoring and alerts)
  • ROI: reducing printing and delivery costs, time saving
  • Scalable and fitted to your organization size (incoming mail; easy, simplified and complete management solution)