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A.I.R.S. GRC / GRU: optimizing process of external requests and providing quick and acurate answers to users

 A.I.R.S. GRC/GRU software allows to implement a real "multi-channel" strategy of request management (customers, citizens ...) to improve the quality of answers to users of public or private sectors (local authorities, public administrations, banks, insurances ...).

Key features:
  • Help to direct answers with knowledge base (event, location, theme ...)
  • F.A.Q. (guiding the agent whereas (s)he's speaking with a user)
  • Tracking and tracing requests (time management and alerts, claims history)
  • Database: classification and archiving of incoming and outgoing documents regarding customizable themes
  • Dashboards, statistics, measurement of users satisfaction ...
  • A unique tool for managing all incoming requests: mail, email, fax, website ...
  • Homogenization of outgoing documents flows
  • Simplicity of implementation
  • Interoperability with online services platforms, queuing management, geolocation ...
  • Accessibility from the organization internet portal
  • Resources optimization management tool