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A.I.R.S. Dossier : electronic filing of all your documents (HR, contracts, customers, policyholders, suppliers, reports ...)

A.I.R.S. Dossier solution allows, from a single interface, a dynamic sharing of ordered documents between services of a centralized or multi-site organization.
Key Features
  • Management of all company documents: suppliers, customers, HR, projects, quality, production, policyholders...
  • Classification of all types of documents: scanned papers, e-mails, office documents...
  • Tracking and tracing documents life cycle
  • Evolutive classification plans
  • Comments, annotations
  • Full text search and multi-criterion
  • Multi-languages
  • Setting processing circuits (Advanced Workflow)
  • Dashboards-Statistics
  • Structured, simple and automatic filing (mails, studies, reports, any office sources)
  • Decreasing records processing time
  • Immediate and intuitive access to files elements
  • Managing large volume of information
  • Optimizing files diffusion process 
  • Taking into account hierarchical aspects
  • Documents access controls
  • Interoperable system