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A.I.R.S. Capture : scanning software for optimization of documents processing

A.I.R.S. Capture is a scanning software with automatic processing regarding all types of documents (contracts, accounting records, invoices, census forms ...) for private companies (banks, insurance companies, large private accounts), French and foreign governmental or local autorities.
The Numelia variant is optimized in tax documents processing (corporate balance sheets), making it a market reference module.

Main customers
  • Groupama insurance company, Ripert de Grissac group, Societe Marseillaise de Credit Bank (Crédit du Nord Group) ...
  • DGFIP (French Ministry of Finance), City of Marseilles, COFACE (French governmental insurance company for abroad sales)...
  • Algeria (National Office Statistics ), Ivory Coast (National Office of Identification), Morocco (Planning Commission) ...

Key features
  • Mass digitization of documents
  • Contents indexing and retrieval (ADP/ADR, OCR, ICR)
  • Task processing management (workflow)
  • Video coding and quality control
  • Data and documents standardized exports (XML, CSV, PDF, text ...)
  • Archiving
  • Dashboards and statistics: workstation productivity analysis reports.

  • Productivity gain
  • Reduced processing time thanks to documents automation
  • Data integrity and tracking
  • Hudge amont of documents processing : from tens to thousands per day.
  • Easy handling
  • Suitable for centralized or multi-sites organizations 
  • Integration of documents to third party applications (EDM, Financial Management, Customer Information System)
  • Compliance with standard NF X06-022