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A.I.R.S. Capture Facture : mastering your invoices management through automatic processing

A.I.R.S. Capture Facture simplifies invoices processing by entry checking automation. It addresses the need of finance departments to rationalize invoices management and allow a real time control.
Key Features
  • Batch Scanning
  • Support of multi-pages invoices
  • OCR data acquisition 
  • Automatic identification of key data: name of the provider, VAT number, date, amount of VAT, ...
  • Export files (XML, CSV, PDF, ...)
  • Multiple settings
  • Multi-languages
  • Process (workflow) definition
  • Invoices classification and archiving
  • Invoices process history
  • Multi-criterion and full text search
  • Integration with customer Information System: Electronic Document Management (AIRS Suite), financial management system, electronic filing, electronic safe ...
  • Self-learning
  • Reducing cost and time of invoice processing
  • Improved process
  • Reconciliation with purchase orders
  • Trigger / control on service done
  • Reliability of accounting data
  • Control time paying bills
  • Traceability