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Change management

The human factor: a key element in the success of a project
The implementation of a transverse dematerialization project impacts all the services of an organization. Changing procedures and new environment may lead to resistance to change from individuals (anxiety related to the questionning of each one linked to the newness in his/her activity) .
This reluctance resultes in a misappropriation or rejection of the software tool by users, which could lead ultimately to the project failure. It is therefore essential to take into account the human factor.
Digitech expertise is first based on a 20-year experience in the implementation of digitization projects. Our project managers have learned to detect upstream warning signs of resistance to change and to propose relieving actions.
For further support, Digitech offers a complementary service provided jointly by Digitech and a partner firm specialized in human relationships. This service is organized around a study upstream with key stakeholders of the project leaders, project managers, user services.
Main objectives are:
  • Identifying the risks of resistance in the implementation of the project
  • Determining actions to be taken
  • Fostering communication to achieve support of all in the project 
  • Ensuring the success of the project by setting up a participatory strategy