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Research & Development

Continuous investment in Research & Development for editing solutions with ever more interoperability, scalability and security
The strategy of Digitech consists in a massive investment in Research and Development in order to keep its technological leadership and consistently offer the most innovative and efficient solutions to automate customers documents management flows.
In this perspective, Digitech invests each year in technological innovation by dedicating 20% of its annual revenue to finance its Research & Development.
These investments focus on:
  • The response to customers requests and to legal constraints :
    • Integration of new functional components (electronic signature, mobile applications, representatives notification management, solution for electronic voting, ... ) .
    • Functional enhancements for applications based on Users Club requests
    • Taking into account new market standards and benchmarks coming out e-Government recommandations including general standards of interoperability and security (RGI and RGS).
  •  The integration of new technologies
    • Open architectures (N- thirds under virtualized environment, open sources modules, SOA, Cloud Computing, ... )
    • Cutting-edge technologies (J2EE/JSF Web , Web 2.0, AJAX , smartphone/tablet computer... ).
  • Maintaining an updated architecture by integrating SVN, Maven, Hudson , Redmine ...